Year End Premier Event

MaXout Lanakila 

Myrtle Beach Sports Center on May 16, 2021! Join us for your chance at earning your ring.


Event Partners

Christian Cheerleaders of America

Bid Events across the east coast and as far west as Texas.

Maximum Cheer and Dance

Bid Events in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Cheer Champs Eilte

Bid Events in New York, New Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania

All Day Cheerleading

Bid Events in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.

Cheer Max Competitions

Bid Events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

Apex Championships

Bid Events in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee

ROC Cheer and Dance

Bid Events in New York and Pennsylvania

MaXout Lanakila

What will awards be?

  • Awards sessions will be spread out throughout the day of the event. This will be based on number of teams in divisions and will be indicated on the preliminary schedule sent approximately 2 weeks before the event. Awards will include: Champion t-shirts; Grand Champion rings.

Awards Process

  • What placements will be recognized? Placement recognition banners will be awarded to all teams. 1st place teams will receive placement banners.. ​
  • That's exactly right. We will be recognizing the 1st and 2nd place teams at this event. Everyone that receives a bid is already a winner. We want the athletes to end on a high note, not end in 14th place. To that end, for each division we will bring the 1st and second place teams on stage and recognize our 1st place team. After each 1st place team has been recognized and awarded we will bring the 1st place teams on stage to recognize our Grand Champions and our Supreme Grand Champion.



Paid Bid

Lokelani bids cover the full team(s) registration to MaXout Lanakila. 


Partial Paid

Ilima bid covers 50% of a team(s) registration to MaXout Lanakila.


At Large

Mokihana is an at-large bid to MaXout Lanakila.


2019-2020 Bid Winners

Aero Allstars Havoc Aero Allstars Typhoon All American Cheer Assassins Apex Cougars Bible Center School Junior High Bishop Ireton High School Varsity Bitty Bulldogs Blue Bitty Bulldogs Red Capital Cheer Elite Detanators – International Capital…

Mokihana Bid Winners

Register with one of our event partners for your chance to earn your bid this season.

Ilima Bid Winners

Register with one of our event partners for your chance to earn your bid this season.

Lokelani Bid Winners

Register with one of our event partners for your chance to earn your bid this season.


Almost 100 Events across the US to Earn your bid!

East, West, North, South, Central - no matter where you're competing there's an opportunity for you to earn your bid! MaXout is a non-sanctioned, bid only, event company. We are a group of Independent Event Producers (IEPs) that wanted to create a BIG year-end opportunity for gyms, especially D2 gyms, in cool locations!
Champions Earn Rings! Do you have what it takes to have a MaXout Lanakila (Victory)?

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